Christie PowerTool

Christie PowerTool 3.1

Christie PowerTools monitors and manages most Christie LCD
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Christie PowerTools™ is a FREE client-based software interface that enables you to easily monitor and manage most Christie LCD, 1-chip and 3-chip DLP® projectors on your network. This single user-interface supports any number of Christie projectors on the network, regardless of their geographic location.


- Ethernet-based control* of typical projector settings
- Power on/off
- Shutter control
- Image settings and color
- Picture-in-Picture
- Monitoring through a ‘tree-view’ display that offers:
- Quick review all Christie projectors on your network
- Group and rename functionality for each projector
- Color-coded status indicator for each projector to show on, off or issues
- Status information for each projector
- Lamp hours
- Projector hours
- Temperature

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